I’m My Own Caregiver Support

It is a lot of work to manage your healthcare costs, medical records and the actual healthcare needs all on your own.  Now, you don’t have to do it alone…we are here to help!  We can’t promise a journey without issues, but we can promise to try to help you put things in place to make it easier to take care of yourself and build a local wrap-around team.   

We have research, stories, experience and knowledge that you need to avoid costly mistakes.  We are designing tools and backup plans to help others help you when you need help!  Don’t despair.

Here are just some of the ways you can get additional support: 

Annual Membership – Learn as much as you can!   Our most cost-effective program! When you join you will receive weekly tips or gifts throughout the year for ONLY $18! Don’t wait. Join today and don’t miss out on valuable information!

Payment is accepted via PayPal (see below), Venmo or Credit Card over the phone.


Advocate Program – Let us help you put a plan in place.  Communication will be key to your well-being.  We know what the first responders and clinical staff need from you.   We design communication systems and build tools so you have someone advocating for you when you can’t advocate for yourself.  For individuals who have accounts with us, our advocate program is included.    

*Due to high demand, our advocate program slots fill up quickly. Please contact us right away to join our waiting list – we are getting to everyone as fast as we can. 

Individual and Family Accounts – This is a reasonable annual prepaid option for ongoing coaching and resource navigation. Account holders also receive discounts on other products and services that we offer.  It is fully refundable if you determine you are not going to need it.   

To establish an account, please request a welcome packet below or call us at 267.382.8661 for more information.  

Online Educational Seminars – Education and services that help you communicate to first responders, possibly avoid financial missteps, save time and feel connected, like you have a local wrap-around community team, during those times when a health event occurs. 

* If you are not comfortable joining our online seminars, just contact us and we will arrange private education for you.

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