Clinical Caregiver Support

Prior to Covid 19, as a clinical caregiver you were essential.  Now everyone knows it!  But what your patients and families do not know is that there is a national health care staff shortage. 

Trained nurses and other direct support professionals are in short supply.  Nationwide the need is in the millions!  We get it!  You need help! There is pressure! And the families of your patients need care and community navigation but you are in a time crunch.   Don’t feel guilty!

We can help you and help you help them! Here’s how::

FOR YOU: Please sign up for our Annual Membership and receive weekly tips specifically for clinicians – ONLY $18 per month!  

Payment is accepted via PayPal (see below), Venmo or Credit Card over the phone.

Join one of our Professional Collaboration Pods These are confidential and safe place for a small handful of Clinical Caregivers from different regions or even states and hospital systems or agencies to process very difficult caregiving situations.  In addition to having empathetic peers, our coaches will guide you and connect you with experts who can help you.  This is not therapy!  It’s not networking!  It’s affordable peer support, practical idea sharing and professional friendship development!  

Contact us today to learn about available openings.  These fill up quickly, so be sure to contact us to be added to our waiting list.

Stress Management and Support

If you need one-on-one help, please complete our FREE, initial intake form or call us at 267.382.8661.   We will do everything in our power to help you take care of yourself,  your patient and guide you how to get the caregiver to the right supports sooner.   The last thing we need is you burning out or leaving the profession.   Whether you have issues with HR, need to find a physical outlet, want grief support or medical ethics training – we have your back!  

Also, please let your human resources office know we have customized benefits programs to meet your company needs. 

We also offer EXECUTIVE TRAINING and CHEATS for NHAs, HR departments and any business leader in every industry who wants access to a wealth of important information flowing about the Caregiver Cliff.   We realize you do not have time to read every report and study.  We can make sure you keep your finger on the pulse and you keep your competitive edge.

Sign up here to receive our initial information packet to get you on the path that will safeguard your staff, develop your product offerings and/or position you as a leading business in your community!

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